Rabbi Elli

06036©MatthewAndrews2011Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah (Elli) has been our leader, teacher and friend since joining us in 2000. Elli is a profoundly passionate Jew with a deep love of the spiritual, theological and practical aspects of our faith.

She leads by example and is committed to supporting the learning, participation and contribution of everyone in the community regardless of background. Our Rabbi has a long history of activism both inside and outside the world of Judaism. As a feminist lesbian she is a steadfast voice against against inequality and discrimination.

Our Rabbi is committed to making a difference, on a small scale and in the wider world. Her dedication to our synagogue and our community, her warmth, vibrancy and deep empathy for humanity as a whole is something we never take for granted.  If you’d like to know more about Rabbi Sarah, her writing, teaching, and broadcasts please visit


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